Witchcraft Works Volume Three Review

Witchcraft Works Volume Three Cover


The first stage of Honoka’s seal, the “white stuff” has been broken and has been unleashed in the form of a powerful maiden who goes by the name “Evermillion”. What will happen now that Evermillion has surfaced? Can Honoka keep Kazane in the dark or will she be able to sniff him out before it’s too late?

  1. THEME
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Fantasy
  • Supernatural
  • Seinen[1]


My oh my, that Evermillion sure is powerful, to be able to destroy a building and cause a landslide in a matter of seconds. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is actually the most powerful character in the series, perhaps more so then Kazane herself. Kazane’s reaction was funny. I seriously would not want to get on the wrong side of her. I like Evermillion already. My initial thoughts were that she looked and acted like a wicked witch from a fairy tale. However, up until now this hasn’t been the case. I especially like the way she told Honoka off as he kept on doubting Kagari’s ability, which caused her to be petrified by Medusa.

Those kissing on the cheek scenes were lovely and my favourite part of this volume.

I did cringe somewhat when Kagari made Takamiya the School Council President by abusing her own authority as “princess”. I did laugh but I cringed through embarrassment as I felt empathy for Takamiya. If I was in his position, I wouldn’t know where to put my face. Haha. Touko was the only one in the council team that didn’t show any animosity towards Honoka when he was made the President. I actually thought that Ayaka was going to kick her out of the team as I got the impression that she didn’t like Touko very much. I’m glad she stayed part of the council.

Oh boy, Kasumi… she’s very brave to try and take out Ayaka. I think the tranquiliser would have worked if Ayaka hadn’t had a connection with Honoka. I do wonder about Kasumi’s obsession with her brother though, it’s quite extreme. I didn’t like the way she shouted at her mum though. Granted, the mum’s sensitivity is cute but I don’t think shouting at her was very nice. Honoka was right to scold her.

I laughed hardest when Ayaka spotted the teddy bear carrying a tied up Honoka. Something like that should have been more dramatic with sound effects, but yet, it felt very casual. To me, that’s what makes it more hilarious. What I especially found funny was at the end page when Ayaka bribed Touko to hand over her seat as vice president.

Medusa is quite an ok character, she seems fairly laid back. Probably a little bit too laid back at times. Her underlings, Tanpopo and co, are severely weak. I don’t even know why they bother to get involved as you just know they’re going to lose. Ayaka doesn’t even see them as threats, thus choosing to ignore them, even when they went out of their room. I don’t even see them as villains, even if they are tower witches.

…oh dear. Kazane has finally discovered that Medusa and her underlings are living in Honoka’s house.

I’m really looking forward to the fight of Ayaka with Medusa’s form to fight against Kazane. I reckon that’s going to be a clash of two power houses right there. I also get quite engaged with Kazane’s intensity, it’s like she’s roaring when she shouts. She’s the type who wears her heart on her sleeve and is very expressive, quite the opposite of her daughter in fact. Anyway, I think I’m right in thinking that Medusa indirectly blackmailed Ayaka into combining their bodies together…

My reason is that Medusa knows that the first stage of Honoka’s powers [Evermillion] has been released. If Kazane finds out then that means that Honoka could be sealed and Ayaka wouldn’t want that, and I don’t think Honoka would either. Plus, Medusa, being the tower witch, will probably grass Honoka up since she actually witnessed Evermillion’s appearance. So, in order to keep Medusa quiet, Ayaka probably offered herself as Medusa’s vessel. I wonder what’s going to happen there. It’s going to be good, whatever may happen next.


Two Thumb’s-Up.^^/ (My Rating System)

Two Thumbs-Up


Witchcraft Works Thanks for Reading

I’m really enjoying the manga version of Witchcraft Works; I especially like the back pages and facts about the story. I’m not sure if I prefer the anime version or manga version at this moment, I just think that they both have their own charm. During Evermillion’s appearance I pictured her theme music that was aired in the anime. I find it really catchy and exciting; it gives you the vibe that a strong character has made his/her presence known. It suits Evermillion very well. =)

Thanks for reading. =)


[1] The target audience of this manga is towards an older gentleman with the age range from 18 to 30.