Trinity Seven: The Seven Magicians Volume One Review

Trinity Seven Volume One Cover


Like with Strike the Blood I had a fair good idea what the Trinity Seven manga would be like as I have seen the anime show.


I found the story very entertaining to read and completed it in a day which is rather disappointing. Haha.


It’s packed with many humorous and lewd moments but it isn’t without some drama. I always prefer the more light-hearted manga like Non Non Biyori and D-Frag! but the intense scenes are used in the appropriate moments, especially the cliff-hanger right at the end of the book!


Arata is a great refreshing character and in some ways I think he’s very well balanced in this kind of manga like Kimito is in Monster Musume. I think the difference between him and Kimito is, is that Arata is more expressive and vocal than Kimito. He adapts to situations very well, especially after experiencing the whole breakdown phenomenon saga. He doesn’t shy away from girls and compliments them when necessary and even if he is perverted I get the impression that he won’t take advantage of the ladies.


I am impressed with his coping ability. I’m not sure how I would cope if the world ended, the sun turned black and being told that I was going to be killed by a beautiful lady… His reaction to his very own grimoire talking for the first time sums up his mind set perfectly. =)


The story didn’t really seem that long for some reason but I think I got the gist of how this story will be told. It’s very self-aware and at some point Arata made a quip that if Lilith did a certain thing it would give everyone a clue as to which direction the manga will be heading in. It’s those moments that made me chuckle a lot.


I like all the characters that are introduced so far, especially Lilith and Levi the ninja. It’s interesting that the more talented girls of the wizard academy mastered their own craft and have their very own Grimoires. These seven ladies, the Trinity Seven, each represent the seven deadly sins. I think I have a very good idea which deadly sin Lilith represents just by how she acts and reacts to certain situations.


I think it’s unique that the Grimoires don’t just come in forms of books, they are weapons as well. I think that’s unique because I’ve always known a Grimoire to be a book and nothing else.


I really like the concept of how Arata is part of this wizard school and is surrounded by many pretty ladies. Initially I didn’t really see it as a wizard school as I saw it more like a school of mages. Then again, as mages are like wizard it does make sense. When I think wizard school, I think instantly of Harry Potter. Trinity Seven is completely different than Harry Potter but they’re both very good in their own way. =)



Two Thumb’s-Up.^^/ (My Rating System) (My Manga Rankings)

Two Thumbs-Up


Thanks for Reading. =)