My All-Time Favourite Anime

I wrote my first ever blog three years ago, around this time. Instead of talking about my favourite moments of the year I’m going to commemorate this anniversary by listing my Top Ten Favourite Anime of all time. =D

From 10 to 1 here is my all-time top ten. =)

10. Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma (2015)

9. Locodol (2014)

Locodol Anime

8. No Game No Life (2014)


7. One Punch Man (2015)


6. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (2015)

5. Monster Musume (2015)

Monster Musume Anime

4. High School DxD (2012)



3. KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! (2016)



2. New Game! (2016)


  1. Non Non Biyori (2013)

That’s my list done. What’s your favourite anime? Feel free to comment and we can have a good chat. =D


Thanks for reading, see you soon. =)


Anime Fall Season and My Thoughts


I really liked the Summer season, it’s my favourite season this year. What’s your favourite? Now that Summer is over we welcome Autumn/Fall. So far the only anime that I’m planning to watch is Keijo!!!!!!!! Hip Whip Girl.

I know of Keijo and by what I’ve seen online it looks funny, quirky and offers something different. It’s basically a sport that takes place on water and you have to knock off your opponent with either your bum, your hips or your chest. This is a female only sport… if this becomes a real life sport I wonder if we will see this as an event in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics? That will be fun to debate about. =D

Keijo is only airing 12 episodes this season but I suspect that Xebec could have made 24 episodes due to the amount of manga volumes that Keijo have already published. Perhaps they’re seeing how popular this anime becomes before creating more. Maybe they have a second season planned that will air next year but haven’t announced it yet.

Whatever happens, I’m really looking forward to Keijo! =D


Right now I’m happy and healthy. I worked out the geography map for my fictional story and I’m soon going to celebrate my Niece’s first birthday. =)

My art is going swimmingly well. I recently adopted the colouring and highlighting style from the New Game! anime and because of this I’m liking my art much more, which I didn’t think was possible.

I am taking a rest from my drawing for now as I’m getting rheumatism in my fingers which means that I’m working too hard. It’s a sign that I need to rest.

I’m getting quite a following on DeviantArt and Pixiv and I feel touched by this. It means that my followers are enjoying my work and that makes me extra happy. =)


Thanks for reading. =)


New Game! Anime Review


It seems that most of the anime that I really enjoy and connect with are the ones that I initially don’t plan to watch. I watched KonoSuba 3 episodes in and I had very low expectations of Non Non Biyori before it started and I ended up really liking them both.

At the time when I looked at the New Game! promo posters I did think that the girls looked cute but will I find the story entertaining if it’s based on real life? I added it to my watch list because I wasn’t satisfied on just watching Food Wars and Hybrid x Heart so I decided give the first episode a go.

I can tell you that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was completely captivated with both the story and the characters since episode one. I honestly couldn’t tell you the amount of times that I re-watched each episode on a weekly basis and it does a great job on lifting my spirits and relaxes my mind at the same time.

The story is just so simple and light-hearted and really it’s actually my kind of story. You have a bunch of only girl characters working on a game in an office. Yep, you heard right, not set in a school, but in an office! I think that’s definitely a nice change of pace.

Whilst New Game! doesn’t really have a plot like Non Non Biyori it does have an end goal, at least in this series. That end goal involves all the girls working really hard on their respective job roles to complete the Third Instalment of Aoba’s favourite childhood game, Fairies Story.

When I watch this anime I find that I really connect with the characters. Despite their funny-but-cute facial expressions, this anime feels very realistic and reflects how people feel in real life. All the girls that work in the office are nice but some of them are socially awkward, some more so than others. I can be socially awkward myself, especially in unfamiliar circumstances, so it’s probably the reason why I appreciate them as characters and why I can relate to them so strongly. Haha.

I did sense or detect minor sad elements regarding Yagami’s past but the comedy and light-hearted nature of the show completely overs-shadowed it. Whilst she did have a sour past involving her previous co-workers she persevered and grew as an artist and as a person.

There are elements of character growth, most notably Aoba and Hifumi. Aoba’s growth came with confidence and skill as an artist and with Hifumi is her social confidence. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she started to come out of her shell since Aoba joined Eagle Jump. Yagami clearly had a lot of character growth too but they all happened before the anime began so she probably doesn’t count. XD

As well as the humour, good story and characters my favourite thing about this show is the camaraderie and affection that the girls show to each other. It’s not often that you see regular staff like Aoba mingle with management like Yagami and Hazuki. I think it’s really nice how they support each other as co-workers and as friends. The best part of it is that their relationships as co-workers and friendship are equally balanced which is why I think they’re very successful with their game making.

Speaking of making games, I feel that I got a good insight on how games are made. I knew that a lot of work went into games by many people but I didn’t necessarily know what teams worked on what. I didn’t realise that the roles were delegated to certain areas to that extent. If I were to work at Eagle Jump with Aoba now I would specialise in creating characters but I would probably fall short with debugging and programming.

I’ve learned a lot about game making in this anime. It may not be set in a school but I’m still learning new things from every episode. =D

This might be impulsive on my part but at this moment I feel that this enters into my top five all-time favourite anime, possibly coming to a close second behind Non Non Biyori. For now, let’s say that this is my favourite new and current anime. =D I’m now waiting for the day when Seven Seas announce that they’ve licensed the New Game! manga. I don’t see any signs at this moment that they’re going to license it but for now I will dream. =)

My Summer So Far


It has been a good couple of weeks for me, especially with my summer projects.

I got one story pretty much sorted but my fantasy story and my other project will remain a secret until I’m ready to reveal them publicly. =)

Art wise I decided to change my approach. Initially I decided to give myself a summer themed project where I will draw a group of girls depicting their hair colour. One picture will be the Summer Girls: Blonde Beauties where it depicts anime girls who have blonde hair and the Summer Girls: Blue Beauties showing girls with blue hair.

I had 6 or 7 of these planned but the idea eventually overwhelmed me so I decided to limit myself to the Blonde Beauties and Blue Beauties. At this moment I have much more enthusiasm to draw the girls from New Game! rather than self-forced projects.

Speaking of New Game! I’m enjoying the anime much more than I thought I would and I would go as far to say that it’s my favourite from this season. I’m in the midst of illustrating a rather colourful picture of the protagonist, Aoba Suzukaze. It’s important for me to capture the same cuteness of Aoba in this picture as she is seen in both the anime and the manga. So far, I’m on the right tracks.

Finally, before I stop type-talking, I took the opportunity yesterday to go shopping as I needed some new clothes. It’s not often that I go shopping and only planned to stay the morning but I got a good haul of bargains and a new pair of trainers, which was especially important.

I did well to cope with the crowds of people but the longer that I was out, the more that I wanted to go home. I felt lethargic and uncomfortable but I was rewarded with good and important purchases. Some of the clothes I can’t wear until winter season but it gives me another reason to look forward to Christmas. =)

Thanks for Reading,


Holding onto Attachments

Thomas and Gordon 2

From my personal experience holding onto attachments can come in many forms whether it’s with physical objects, past memories and emotion.

Finding my own identity was always an issue for me and it was tough as my autism was severe back then and I did not adapt well to change, especially clothes. Every time I would have to change shoes or get new shirts I would get really upset as I felt that I keep on losing my identity, every time.

I really dislike letting go of things so I started to attach myself to everything whether its old objects like clothes, past school works, old ideas for my story and even reminiscing about my past. I really didn’t like this but because I was consumed by all of this I felt that my past thoughts and past objects and emotions were parts of my identity as a person- maintaining the status quo, not adapting to change.

However, one day, I decided to change my mind set. Why should I remember sad thoughts? Why am I holding onto things and not letting go? That was when I realised that I’ve attached myself to objects and emotions as I convinced myself that’s what my life is like.

By focusing on the things that make me happy now I gradually detached myself from the sad memories and past objects. They include anime like NEW GAME and Non Non Biyori, hanging out with my family, Vlogging, Blogging, Art, Writing, Yoga, the list is endless.

Attachments are not bad, you just have to recognise the good ones from the bad ones and it very much reminds me of change. There’s good and bad change in time. As time ticks every second we are living in the present of that tick-tock on the clock with something to look forward to in the future. If time stopped, we would stop, frozen solid and never moving.

The only nostalgia that I kept from the past that still exists in my life today is the presence of Thomas the Tank Engine. Some of you will already know why he was and still is very important in my life. That is a happy attachment. =)

Attachments, emotions and memories are very powerful to the point where you do question your own identity. It wasn’t easy and it did take a lot of time but when I focused on my current happiness I gradually detached myself from the sad memories and the things that made me sad without realising it. In time, they disappeared completely. They may pop up every now and again but pop ups are insignificant to the bigger picture.

I questioned if I was sad, if I was a monster, if I was autistic and so on but those days are now behind me. Being happy made me realise just who I was and that defines me perfectly. =)

Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia – Episode One Thoughts and Reaction


At first I did not know what Kizuna was doing to Hayuru but it was done in a very suggestive way. Whilst it was eye-catching I felt that it was helpful as it explained to me what Kizuna and Hayuru were doing. It could have been done later but by showing that sort of scene straight away it gave me the idea of what I should expect from this anime.

In regards to the innuendoes and suggestive content I feel as though it’s on the same wave-length as High School DxD, one of my all-time favourite anime. If it has the same vibe as High School DxD then I think I will really enjoy this. =)

I really liked the opening episode and I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. Kizuna seems like a good character but appears to be fighting/over-coming past family traumas. It’s lucky for the three main girls that he has the Eros ability which boosts their powers and restores their energy. If he wasn’t there, Aine may have been in big trouble.

I have a theory that Hayuru is a closet pervert given by her comical reactions, haha. Everything in this episode made me chuckle, which included the cheeky content as well as Aine’s funny quips to Kizuna.

I don’t really understand the plot or storyline at this moment in time but I think I’m going to enjoy this new anime along with Food Wars: The Second Plate and New Game!

I now have my hat-trick. It’s going to be a very good anime season for me. =)


Thanks for Reading. =)


NEW GAME! – Episode One Thoughts and Reaction

New Game!

I didn’t know anything about NEW GAME! and I still don’t know it that well but I know that I really, really, really enjoyed the opening episode. =)

Everything about it is cute and simple. You have the main character, Aoba, who joins a company after graduating from school and is now working in the industry that she loves. She has a wonderful shy yet confident personality that matches her cute appearance.

All the other characters are very likable too and although it’s early days I can’t see anything that I would dislike about NEW GAME! It’s the easy-going type of story that I’ve been looking for since Non Non Biyori. By what I saw from the first episode, I think I will really enjoy this.

I don’t usually judge an anime by its art as everyone has a style but I have to say that I think the art in this show is beautiful. I also found myself relaxed when I watch the art and the smooth animation of the characters, to the point where I’m nearly hypnotised. Haha.

The difference between NEW GAME! and Non Non Biyori at this moment is that NEW GAME! has a focused story. Aoba and her friends/colleagues must make the game before the deadline, and that game is the third instalment of a game that Aoba loved when she was younger. I’m happy for her, in more ways than one. =)

I think this is going to be a very good season for me as I now have NEW GAME! and Food Wars! The Second Plate to look forward to on a weekly basis. It will be a hat-trick if I enjoy Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia as much as the other two. =)


Thanks for Reading. =)