Kitacon Part Three: Day Two






  1. Building a Mecha

I didn’t really get much sleep. I set my alarm for the breakfast time as I was aware that I was taking part in the Build a Mecha Challenge. However, I thought that I was going to participate in that straight away and that the “breakfast time” was a guideline rather than the act of having breakfast. Haha.


From that point on I was over-whelmed. I was extremely confused and everything that my brother told me completely went over my head. I wasn’t being rude I just could not digest what he was saying. I think I’m honest when I say that I didn’t really fancy building a mecha but it was an opportunity to socialise and get in with the action more so I decided to continue to be brave in socialising.


I thought we were going to build a Mecha with a certain group of friends, but I learnt, that we were building a Mecha with another group of friends. That isn’t really a problem but when something unexpected happens or something changes from my point of view, it really catches me off guard and throws me off. Just before we started to build a Mecha three of four other people joined and started to crack on with the crafting.


I honestly had no idea what was happening. Do I hold the sellotape so that anyone can cut at any time? How do I help out? Just stand back out of the way? Strangely enough I felt uncomfortable when those pro photographers were taking snaps of us building a mecha. I found it distracting. I was also surrounded by people who I never met before. Being crafty was not my thing and I felt inclined to let everyone else get on with it.


In the end I decided to rely on my own strengths, drawing. I drew a bell for the collar, I drew a banana wearing a British flag and I drew a gigantic face of a bull. One of my newest chums, Mat, provided the orange eyes to place on the bull face. =) In the process I managed to take a few good photos and managed to have a little talk with a few of my fellow team mates. The theme was the letter B so we had to attach parts to the mecha that began with b.


I do tend to be biased towards my own team but my personal favourite mecha was the orange neko mecha. It was cool and cute.


  1. Embarrassing Incidents

Unfortunate there were two. The first one involved room service.

I was in my room when I decided to chill out for a bit. Then, I heard footsteps and someone opening a door. I thought, “That sounded like my door. Perhaps it’s a lady coming into my room?” I laughed to myself. Then, I heard “Room service.” And then I thought. “Hmm, that sounded very loud actually.”

Then, I turned around and there was an actual lady walking into my room and as soon as she saw me she literally shrieked in surprise. I think she felt very awkward after that. It was a good job that I wasn’t getting changed!

Second incident… this one is especially embarrassing.

I needed to draw out some money from the cash machine so I asked my bro for directions. He pointed to where the cash machine was, which was on the wall on the other side of the room. We were sat in the lounge at the time.

Now, this is the perfect example of me not thinking rationally… I was looking in the direction that he was pointing but all I saw in front of me was a lady in front of a till. In my head, I just needed to go up to her and ask her to draw the money out. “Odd,” I thought, “I have never known to draw money out like that before.” …so I went up and asked.

The lady gave me such a frowning when I asked. When she understood what I was trying to ask she then directed to the actual cash machine on the wall. I apologised many, many times. I held my face in my hands after I walked away. I could not believe what had transpired.

I did manage to recover from that embarrassment afterwards.


  1. Name that Anime Tune

I had a headache already but I had high hopes for this competition. I was really confident in my knowledge of the anime genre… me, bro and Chris were not very… we didn’t do well. Overall we must have gotten something like 10 out of 120. Haha. That will teach us for not getting into bigger groups.


We were mostly silly with our answers but I personally did get a few answers right. It was really fun but at times mind-baffling. I recognised the tunes but couldn’t match them up with the anime shows. Haha.


  1. Cheering Up

There were other things that cheered me up apart from listening to and watching Non Non Biyori.

My confidence in photo-taking and socialising did grow, bit by bit. There were a few times when I posed with someone for a photo. I managed to pose for a photo with someone dressed as the Green Arrow. That was appropriate as I was dressed as Superman at that time.

At some point I got dressed as the Dark Knight and I had a photo with Harley Quinn. She was really cool and I enjoyed talking to her. I did get nervous when she slightly touched my arm to get into a pose. I used to dislike hugs or physical contact but now I’m not so bad. I can handle hugs and physical touches much better now as I bear in mind that a lot of people are tactile.

It was a really good photo in the end.

I enjoyed having small talks with a lot of people really. I didn’t realise that I was capable of having small talks, usually I talk in depth as I struggle to generalise conversations. I especially enjoyed talking to the lady dressed as Yuna. We were talking about the overall experience of Kitacon and I think she said that this was her first convention as well.

I bought a few DVDs and manga from the dealer’s room and I was definitely happy with my purchases, especially the No Game No Life novels and the Super Sonico figure. I spent about 20 minutes talking to this really nice chap about his costume and about helmets and gauntlets. I never planned to have a conversation with him, it just happened and I felt much better after that. I did feel a bit uneasy because it was the first time that I met him but the flow of the conversation felt natural because I didn’t plan what I was going to say, I just responded to what he was saying. =)


  1. Hentai Panel

Aha, the Hentai Panel… I wasn’t planning to attend this but I was somehow persuaded to go. Haha. I was sceptical. Was this going to be as rude as I imagined it to be? However, I was reassured that this was going to be more humorous and daft than showing erotic films.

I wore a jumper. Big mistake. I was really, really hot. Plus, the cue was humongous and we had to wait a good while in the corridor. When we got in I was guided to seat right bang in the middle of the right row of chairs. I sat between Sarah and a new person I’ve never met before. I usually like to sit on the ends so when I needed to go out to clear my head I could do that. However, I was stuck right in the middle and couldn’t move if it got too much.

There were quite a few moments that I found funny, like that girl who shot the rockets from her boobs and knees. It was rather cringing to watch but it was still humorous.

I did clench my teeth when the option of showing a rude Thomas picture did show. I was like “Oh no! They’re going to de-face Thomas!” Luckily, Thomas was never shown just other pictures of trains… I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. Haha.

If I’m honest I must say that this was probably my least favourite part of my Kitacon experience. I was uncomfortable to begin with, I had a slight headache and I didn’t really understand what was going on. I felt that the atmosphere was very rowdy and very loud and it got to the point when I felt dizzy and sick and I couldn’t really think straight. I had to leave in the end as according to eyewitnesses (my bro and friends) the colour drained from my face. Haha. I decided that that was the opportune time to get an early night, and so I did.

I was already over-whelmed by the whole Kitacon Experience and the Hentai Panel took it to another level. Haha. Of course I appreciate those who enjoyed the Hentai Panel but it wasn’t for me.


Hopefully I would get a good night’s sleep and sleep it all off. =)



Gonna Be the Twin-Tail!! Anime Review

Gonna Be the Twin Tail!!


Souji, a first year high school student, has a deep love and affection for the “twintails” hairstyle. He likes them so much that he filled in a form to establish a “twintails” club. A beautiful girl, Twoearle, appears before him one day and gives him a bracelet which gives him the power to transform into a powerful warrior called Tail Red. With this new found power Souji swears that he will protect everyone with twintails and fight to keep peace on Earth.

  1. THEME
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Sci-Fi
  • School
  • Shounen[1]


This show is very silly and daft, yet, I really, really enjoyed it. Haha.

If I were to describe the show’s theme, I would say that it’s the battle of the fetishes. Haha. However, the word “fetish” is never used; instead, the term is “attributes”. The main attribute that the enemy is after are girls who have pigtails, or rather, twintails. Twintails is the most powerful er… source of magic, in the whole world. The enemy who come out to attack each having individual fetish traits, or rather, attributes, that they specialise in. It’s rather tricky to explain, it’s one of those you have to watch yourself to understand.

The battles are fun to watch, I think they’re both cool and silly at the same time. I especially liked Soji’s first battle when he transformed into Tail Red. That long jumped that saw him crashing into that huge building was especially funny. He literally couldn’t control his own power when he transformed, and why would he? No one realistically should be able to adapt that quickly. Haha. The other twintail fighters are really good as well and they all have a nice contrast with each other. Tail Red has a sword and the element fire, Tail Blue has a lance and the element water and Tail Yellow has a gun and heavy armour and the element lightning.

I can’t really take the enemy seriously. I don’t think the enemy, Ultimaguil, are actually villainous, they’re just out for their own personal gain and desire. They’re often sent out to “steal” the twintail attributes but instead of doing their job they just do as they please.

I actually think the twintail warriors have their own “attributes” aside from twintails. Erina, aka Tail Yellow, is a secret masochist and gets aroused when Soji calls her name, haha. Aika, aka Tail Blue, although never acknowledged in the show I think she does display a lot of sadistic traits. When I think about it, she does literally throw punches when she is angry, and most of the time Twoearle is on the receiving end of it. I would say poor Twoearle but she does provoke Aika. I wouldn’t say she does this deliberately but I think it’s more about Twoearle not reading the situation. XD Soji, aka Tail Red, loves lips and girls. Liking lips and girls isn’t really an attribute but it certainly does any harm to Soji. =)

Comedy aside, there is one aspect of the show that I especially like. Normally in anime you will see the childhood friend or precious friend, with tsundere traits, beat up her love interest out of jealously or embarrassment. Aika is the childhood friend of Soji and she has a lot of sadistic traits, however, she has never beaten Soji up. That makes a nice change as I don’t really like to see girls hitting their love interests as I always think they’re unjustified.

I think Twoearle is supposed to be a bit of a mad scientist who is constantly aroused. Haha. Her backstory and battles with Ultimaguil is quite serious and you wouldn’t think it with her hyperactive personality. She keeps on getting herself into sticky situations where she will receive a brutal beating from Aika. I don’t think she means to provoke Aika is just that she doesn’t think before she speaks. It’s not a secret that she’s after Soji’s virginity so Aika is extra protective of him.

I still like Twoearle though. Even if she is mad, she has a good heart. I actually wonder if the name Twoearle is a pun of the word “twirl?” That’s how I keep hearing her name.

Lastly, I’m not sure how I feel about Erina’s head maid, Mikoto. She’s her head maid yet she’s trying to get men to fill in her marriage forms so she can get married. Haha. If she got married then wouldn’t that mean that she loses her position as Erina’s head maid? She must be desperate; she even tried to make Soji sign the marriage form. Haha.


One Thumb’s-Up and a Pinky. (My Rating System) (My Anime Series Rankings)



Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! Light Novel Illustration

Apparently this week is actually Autism Awareness week. I felt like I should have known this. What I will do now though is post a past blog from last year and share it on Tumblr. I will now spend the rest of the day probably watching some anime, draw a drawing, and get excited for Wrestlemania 31. I’m especially looking forward to the match between Triple H and Sting. =)


[1] The target audience of this manga is boys. Shounen means boy in Japanese.