Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma Episode Three Thoughts

Food Wars Shokugeki no Soma

I really do like Megumi. She is very sweet girl who lacks a lot of confidence and self-esteem. She went to the Tootsuki Culinary Academy to make her family proud only to end up failing upon her first exam. Haha. Her shocked expressions are cute and endearing. I’m just really pleased that she was able to pass Roland Chapelle’s test along with Soma.

I’m impressed with how quickly Soma adapts to the situation. Some of the current students appear to be out to get him. All except for Megumi, who until now, has simply just been trying to avoid him rather than degrade him. However, Soma didn’t feel sorry for himself he just got on with it. It turns out that his additional recipe, the honey, made that beef extra delicious. Megumi’s extravagant visualisation was quite… funny. I kind of knew at that point that she was going to be covered in honey. I didn’t anticipate that there were going to be little Somas, disguised as bees, pouring honey on her. Haha.

Those mean students eventually got their come-uppance. I’m really pleased about that. It makes Soma and Megumi’s victory that much sweeter. The best part of all is that Soma didn’t retaliate or care about the other students who tried to mess with his cooking. All he cared about was his own dish and working together with Megumi. I think that’s a very good attitude to have.

Soma is still showing his crazy quirks by force feeding Megumi squids glazed in honey… it reminds me of that line General Melchett spoke in the last episode of Blackadder Goes Forth.[1] Haha. Poor, poor Megumi… mind you, it might be naïve of me to feel sorry for her. She probably secretly liked it, just like Mayumi did when Soma force fed her that weird girl. Haha.

I think Erina is being somewhat in denial. I think she secretly likes Soma’s cooking but her pride is preventing her from being true to her own feelings. Her resentment towards Soma is probably going to grow deeper for the next couple of episodes. The sheer name of him makes her go bananas, and in a most humorous way. Haha. Soma doesn’t appear to care about being disliked or resented. Either that or he’s too much of a scatterbrain to even notice. Haha.

I don’t think Soma will take Erina’s spot as the number one chef at the academy just yet. He still has a long way to go and he probably needs to overcome many odds before that happens.

I wonder what Erina’s grandfather’s relationship is with Soma. Do they have a link that we don’t know about yet? It seems that he is the only one who is behind Soma being at this academy. I think that’s really cool as he clearly doesn’t care about Soma’s status in life. Being lowbrow or highbrow is completely irrelevant as long as the student can cook delicious food, and Soma has proven that. Soma’s dad is quite famous so perhaps Erina’s granddad knows him personally? Thus, that is why he is lenient with Soma and giving him a chance when everyone else isn’t.

I felt that this episode ended much too fast… that’s how much I enjoyed this episode. =)


FA Cup Trophy

I started watching Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches episode one not so long ago. I think its ok so far and there were some humorous moments in it and I will probably watch more. I don’t have any particular enthusiasm to write a separate blog about episode one so I just thought I’d mention it here. =)

Monster Musume Volume 6 came at my house last night. I’ve not had the chance to read any of it yet as I’ve had a busy day watching The Premier League games and the FA Cup Semi-Final between Arsenal and Reading. I feel sorry for Federeci for letting in the goal like that. He looked completely devastated and hopefully it won’t become a stigma in years to come.

I knew Arsenal would beat Reading and reach the final, but who will join them? Will it be Liverpool or Aston Villa? I think Villa are going to give it a real good goal but will come up short. I think the score will be 2-1 to Liverpool.

Thanks for Reading. =)


[1] Blackadder Goes Forth was a British Sitcom in the 1980s. The character General Melchett was played by Stephen Fry.

WWE Raw and Liverpool Experience

Raw in Liverpool

Winter Greetings.^^/

  1. Post-London, Pre-Raw

A lot has happened in November, especially around the time when I went to London. I found that even though I came back home, I still couldn’t really relax my mind. It seemed that everything was happening at once and I was dealing with lots of things at the same time. If it’s one thing, I usually find a way to work with it. However, too many things give me a head mush. At that point it did feel like my head was about to explode.

To cut a long story short, I had to make a decision whether I wanted to go to a surprise birthday gathering and to WWE Monday Night Raw with a few of my peeps. For the life of me I could not decide what I wanted to do. I enjoy celebrating the happiness of other people but I decided to reject the party invitation in the end. There would be lots of people there that I did not know. I didn’t fancy it in the end and decided not to go.


I haven’t watched Raw in weeks. I sort of lost interest in WWE since Daniel Bryan and Bad News Barrett became absent. Did I really want to go to this live event when I wasn’t feeling very well? Not just any event, but an event that I’m not really that into at the moment. I literally decided to go in the last minute, an hour before I was being picked up.

It was at that point when I started to rush around. I had a shower, washed my hair, picked out my clothes and had dinner. I got it in my head as well that we were eating out, but I received a text explaining that we weren’t…oh my. So, with quick thinking, I had jacket potato with melted cheese. I fancied doing beans but as I was on my own I didn’t want to risk doing anything to myself. It’s one thing to harm myself if my parents were around, but if I’m on my home and cooking, that could spell trouble…

I tried to relax, but I couldn’t fully relax. I felt sick, dizzy, had a poorly chest and was eating a luke warm jacket spud. Haha…you’ve got to laugh in those situations. =) I decided to go to Raw as I already paid for my ticket, and, it could be interesting.

  1. Liverpool

The other reason I didn’t want to travel to Raw is because it was in Liverpool. Travelling to this city appears to be a bad omen to me. Throughout my life, every time I go to Liverpool, something goes wrong. It’s not that I dislike Liverpool it’s just that Liverpool dislikes me. XD

  1. I was going to college (which borders Liverpool) but went to the completely wrong campus! I think the driver was taking me to the technology campus. So, I was an hour and a half late for my first college class…. Later on, it was established that I was in the wrong class. Then, it was established that I was actually in on the wrong day. So yeah… I won’t forget about that day in a hurry!
  2. My Dad was taking me to Liverpool, since he used to be the kit man for a none-league side, when we broke down… the policeman helped us, but he came up to me and said ‘this is all your fault!’ It took us a full day to travel back home.
  3. I went to Liverpool to support the Foundation Degree students by watching one of their theatrical productions. However, we got completely lost and had to turn back. We asked for directions but none of the locals knew where the performance location was… silly people.
  4. I was going to perform as the violinist at the Maritime Museum and we were going to take the train, but…the train was cancelled so we had to walk in the scorching heat, take 4 buses, one underground train, and we made it with 15 minutes to spare. We only had time for one full rehearsal.
  5. We went to the theatre to watch Jonathan Pryce in a Harold Pinter production, but the show was cancelled because he was ill…

I really hoped that this trip to WWE would break my trend. I’m sure some day Liverpool and I can settle a truce and drink a J2O like old buddies. =) …that night wasn’t going to be one of those days though, as an incident occurred. It’s a recurring joke that I bring bad luck to Liverpool, but what happened was not a funny matter.

There was a car crash on the motorway involving four cars, which in turn made the roads very busy. I felt instantly bad. I thought “they had a crash because I came to Liverpool.” Thinking rationally now, that’s not really the case. Accidents happen all the time, especially when drivers get impatient on the road. Regardless of everything, I pray that they are all safe and recovering at the speed of light.^^/

  1. WWE Monday Night Raw

We just made it with five minutes to spare. It was an absolute rush. I don’t handle travelling very well, I tend to get sick. I felt unwell to begin with, but the long journey didn’t really settle me. It unsettled me more when we had to rush to our seats, and that took a while too. A gent actually hijacked one of our seats so we had to ask him to move.

The show started pretty quickly. Well, actually, it began with WWE Superstars. Then, it went to WWE Raw. All the while I was still battling with my emotions and tried to focus on the show. The trick I used was taking photos and video clips for my Uncle. I sat on an end isle seat as I could escape whenever I want. However, the Echo arena was a very big arena and I didn’t really fancy getting lost in that building. Haha.

The biggest chants were “Where’s our network?” Apparently, this does not bode well with the WWE officials. When Raw was on TV, they edited this out as best as they could. Other bigger chants were Miz and Mizdown, Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, Sheamus and the crowd.

The crowd were bantering with each other. If the match bored them then they would find a way to entertain themselves. One guy held up a sign but he had that confiscated by a security gent and everyone chanted “you sold out!” The biggest boos were directed at another security guard. The bottom crowd were playing around with a beach ball during the Sheamus and Rusev match. He got heavily boo’d when he confiscated the beach ball, probably more than Cena. They chanted “you suck!”

The intro was funny, when everyone chanted “John Cena sucks” that went along with his entrance song. The UK really does have a good crowd.^^/

I didn’t join in with any of the banter as my head was really bad and I felt unwell. The sheer noise was not very pleasant, and it did detract from the Raw show somewhat.

Paige got a few standing ovations. I know I stood up and clapped, and I even went down a few steps so I could snap a good picture of her. =) I liked how Lilian Garcia sang our national anthem, it was sweet and touching. Some of the top tier crowd were booing though and chanting about the network. I thought that was disrespectful and in bad taste, but I just ignored them and listened to the anthem.

I also liked the Sting promo and Triple H making an appearance. I kept on anticipating Bad News Barrett making a sudden appearance though, and was gutted when he didn’t.

When the show finished we all darted out asap. I thought the show was ok but I was certainly glad when it was over. I would say that I’ve enjoyed last year’s Raw more, this year I somewhat lost interest in WWE and I was going through a lot this time around. I am focusing on what I enjoyed about the show though, rather than recalling what went through my mind at that moment. I know I’m talking all about it now, but I’m feeling much better and more open to talk about it. =)

  1. Going home

I was asked if I wanted to take a detour to McDonalds on the way home. I declined. It didn’t matter whether I was hungry or not, I just wanted to go home. When I got home my Dad bought me and my Mum McDonalds. I was pleasantly surprised as I didn’t know that there were any McDonalds that were open 24/7.

I’m not a fast food lover, but sometimes fast food is better than no food. 😉


I was spotted on TV courtesy of a close friend. It’s a blur, but my T-Shirt has made it on TV. I was spotted during Paige’s entrance. Haha. Fame at last. =D Here is the picture.^^/

Me on TV

I wasn’t going to upload this blog until I give account of the 1st Year Anniversary blog, which I plan to post on the 16th November. I’m still recovering from a very busy couple of days. However, my gut instinct told me to upload this blog right now instead of waiting.

With all that is said and done, I can finally relax. I have nothing pressing to focus on. It’s always important to remember to focus on the positive points. It can be hard at times when your head is in a mush, but it’s not impossible. And I like to think that I’m capable of doing that, even when I’m not in the best state of mind.

I endure a lot inside with my Autistic quirks but I always mask my face and feelings with a smile. =)

See you all for now.



PFA Awards 2014 Predictions


Spring Tidings.^^/


This season has been a very good season for Football, especially in the Premier League. The only downer for me in this season is that there were a good number of managers who were sacked, but that’s another story to tell on another day. 😉


I never would have thought that Liverpool would be in the hunt for the league title. They’ve generally been consistent through their performances, played some good high-tempo and scored a lot of goals. It’s those goals that are making them firm favourites to win it. It’s been a long time coming too for a big club like Liverpool to not have any league championships on their CV.


It’ll be nice for Steven Gerrard too. With Gerrard in the side, Liverpool have won many trophies; FA Cup, League Cup, Community Shield, Champion’s League, UEFA Cup (now Europa League) and Super Cup. But the only honour they haven’t won with Gerrard in the team is the league title. A couple of games ago Gerrard was very emotional. If they win it I reckon we’ll see tears of joy.


Today’s game between Liverpool and Chelsea was a cracker! Chelsea employed the tactic of slowing down the pace in order to frustrate Liverpool. It appeared to work as Liverpool couldn’t really hit a shot on target in the first half. One can never tell what Jose is thinking or plotting for his next game but he’s very entertaining to watch; whether it’s his antics on the field or during the pre/post match interviews. =)


And now, the PFA Awards…

I’m going to give you my personal opinion of who I feel deserves to be player of the year and who I think will win player of the year. To guess correctly I will attempt and look at them from the player’s point of view. Who do I think they will pick?


Football League Championship Team of the Year

My Personal Choice

GK: Tom Heaton (Burnley)

DR: Andre Wisdom (Derby County ON-LOAN)

DC: West Morgan (Leicester City)

DC: Clint Hill (Queen’s Park Rangers)

DL: Daniel Lafferty (Burnley)

MR: Ross Wallace (Burnley)

MC: Will Hughes (Derby County)

MC: Danny Drinkwater (Leicester City)

ML: Anthony Knockheart (Leicester City)

ST: Chris Martin (Derby County)

ST: Danny Ings (Burnley)

Who I think will get the places

GK: Kasper Schmeichel (Leicester City)

DR: Kieran Tripper (Burnley)

DC: Wes Morgan (Leicester City)

DC: Clint Hill (Queen’s Park Rangers)

DL: Daniel Lafferty (Burnley)

MR: Michael Kightly (Burnley)

MC: Danny Drinkwater (Leicester City)

MC: Will Hughes (Derby County)

ML: Anthony Knockaert (Leicester City)

ST: Ross McCormack (Leeds United)

ST: David Nugent (Leicester City)


Premiership Team of the Year

My Personal Choice

GK: David Marshall (Cardiff City)

DR: Seamus Coleman (Everton)

DC: Vincent Kompany (Manchester City)

DC: Phil Jagielka (Everton)

DL: Leighton Baines (Everton)

MR: Kevin Miralles (Everton)

MC: Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)

MC: Adam Lallana (Southampton)

ML: Eden Hazard (Chelsea)

ST: Luis Suarez (Liverpool)

ST: Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool)

Who I think will get the places

GK: Hugo Lloris (Tottenham Hotspur)

DR: Seamus Coleman (Everton)

DC: Vincent Kompany (Manchester City)

DC: Gary Cahill (Chelsea)

DL: Leighton Baines (Everton)

MR: Kevin Miralles (Everton)

MC: Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)

MC: Yaya Toure (Manchester City)

ML: Eden Hazard (Chelsea)

ST: Luis Suarez (Liverpool)

ST: Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool)


PFA Women’s Young Player of the Year

My Predictions

First: Jordan Nobbs – Arsenal Ladies

Second: Lucy Bronze – Liverpool Ladies

Third: Danielle Carter – Arsenal Ladies


PFA Women’s Player of the Year

My Predictions

First: Kim Little – Seattle Reign

Second: Nicole Rosler – Liverpool Ladies

Third: Siobhan Chamberlain – Arsenal Ladies


PFA Player’s Young Player of the Year

My Choice

First: Aaron Ramsey – Arsenal

Second: Daniel Sturridge – Liverpool

Third: Luke Shaw – Southampton

My Predictions

First: Aaron Ramsey – Arsenal

Second: Eden Hazard – Chelsea

Third: Ross Barkley – Everton


PFA Player’s Young Player of the Year


Eden Hazard – Chelsea

Steven Gerrard – Liverpool

Yaya Toure – Manchester City

Luis Suarez – Liverpool

Adam Lallana – Southampton

Daniel Sturridge – Liverpool


My Choice

First: Luis Suarez

Second: Steven Gerrard

Third: Adam Lallana


My Predictions

First: Luis Suarez

Second: Yaya Toure

Third: Daniel Sturridge


PFA Merit Award

It’s hard to gauge and guess who will win this award since it’s like a special achievement. Hmm… it tends to go to players who have been world class in their time like Pele or players who have made over 1,000 appearances like Graham Alexander… It’s a mystery. I’ll just tell you who I think deserves the merit award or at least be considered…

  • Ryan Giggs: He has played in every single Premier League season. Up until now he has scored in every season but it doesn’t look like that will continue, since he has become the interim manager of Man Utd. Regardless, I think making an appearance every season, since the Prem started, is quite a feat. So, Giggsy getting this award would not be surprising.
  • There’s this gentleman who I think deserves this award more then any, the only problem is…I forgot his name and I forgot which club he has managed. XD! Basically he was a non-league manager. He has managed a certain non-league team from 1963 until 2013, exactly 50 years. He retired last year when he was in his seventies. Sky Sports News documented this and in his last game all the past players came to pay their respects for his retirement. If I recall right his team lost 6-3. I feel silly for forgetting his name but I feel he truly deserves this award because of his dedication to the game.[1]
  • Chris Powell: Slightly biased perhaps considering I’m a Charlton fan but he has done one heck of a lot off the field. It’s not just Powell, Charlton do a lot of community work and this was actually acknowledged in the House of Commons some time ago. In fact, the leader and founder of the Charlton Community Trust, James Morgan, was rewarded with the MBE recently because of his contribution to the community. =)


What do you think of this season’s Football? Have you enjoyed it? Who do you think will win the Premier League? I’m not a betting man but at this very moment I think that its Liverpool’s to lose. I’m going to be glued to my couch for the next couple of weeks; it is an exciting time to be a Football fan. =D





[1] The gentleman is called Jimmy Davies and the team that he managed for 50 years is Waterloo Dock AFC, based in the Liverpool County Premier League. I knew it was along the lines of Waterloo. Haha.