Trinity Seven: The Seven Magicians Volume One Review

Trinity Seven Volume One Cover


Like with Strike the Blood I had a fair good idea what the Trinity Seven manga would be like as I have seen the anime show.


I found the story very entertaining to read and completed it in a day which is rather disappointing. Haha.


It’s packed with many humorous and lewd moments but it isn’t without some drama. I always prefer the more light-hearted manga like Non Non Biyori and D-Frag! but the intense scenes are used in the appropriate moments, especially the cliff-hanger right at the end of the book!


Arata is a great refreshing character and in some ways I think he’s very well balanced in this kind of manga like Kimito is in Monster Musume. I think the difference between him and Kimito is, is that Arata is more expressive and vocal than Kimito. He adapts to situations very well, especially after experiencing the whole breakdown phenomenon saga. He doesn’t shy away from girls and compliments them when necessary and even if he is perverted I get the impression that he won’t take advantage of the ladies.


I am impressed with his coping ability. I’m not sure how I would cope if the world ended, the sun turned black and being told that I was going to be killed by a beautiful lady… His reaction to his very own grimoire talking for the first time sums up his mind set perfectly. =)


The story didn’t really seem that long for some reason but I think I got the gist of how this story will be told. It’s very self-aware and at some point Arata made a quip that if Lilith did a certain thing it would give everyone a clue as to which direction the manga will be heading in. It’s those moments that made me chuckle a lot.


I like all the characters that are introduced so far, especially Lilith and Levi the ninja. It’s interesting that the more talented girls of the wizard academy mastered their own craft and have their very own Grimoires. These seven ladies, the Trinity Seven, each represent the seven deadly sins. I think I have a very good idea which deadly sin Lilith represents just by how she acts and reacts to certain situations.


I think it’s unique that the Grimoires don’t just come in forms of books, they are weapons as well. I think that’s unique because I’ve always known a Grimoire to be a book and nothing else.


I really like the concept of how Arata is part of this wizard school and is surrounded by many pretty ladies. Initially I didn’t really see it as a wizard school as I saw it more like a school of mages. Then again, as mages are like wizard it does make sense. When I think wizard school, I think instantly of Harry Potter. Trinity Seven is completely different than Harry Potter but they’re both very good in their own way. =)



Two Thumb’s-Up.^^/ (My Rating System) (My Manga Rankings)

Two Thumbs-Up


Thanks for Reading. =)


Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Episode Five Thoughts

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon anime

First things first, congratulations to Chelsea on being the Champions of the Premier League. I think it was very well deserved. Now, back on the subject at hand.

The beginning was hilarious and cute when Hestia was crying, to the point when she was causing a flood on the table. Haha. It looks like she and Miach are on friendly terms. I wonder if this connection between Hestia and Miach is the reason that Bell was able to speak to Miach, another God, on friendly terms. She certainly made it no secret that she likes Bell. Good for her. I do fear for Bell though as there are going to be plenty of females gunning to be his girlfriend.

How nice, Hestia managed to get a date with Bell, and it was Bell who initiated it no less. He’s earned enough cash to take Hestia out to dinner. That plan was somewhat thwarted when Hestia’s fellow goddesses followed her to check out her “new man.” Haha. I really did enjoy Hestia and Bell running and hiding from Hestia’s friends. It was like watching a whimsical slapstick comedy. It all ended on a rather romantic note when Hestia and Bell stopped at the top floor of some building and looked out to the night and lights. They didn’t get to eat out at lunch but I still think it was cute as they spent time together.

Demeter is rather dashing. I almost mistook her for Freya. It was pretty funny how Demeter and co literally knocked Hestia out of the way to get to Bell. They were all treating him like a little puppy. I bet Hestia wished she wouldn’t have said anything to her friends now. She actually looks nice with her hair down but I still think she’s most charming with pigtails.

That weird pink breath that Hestia and Bell exhaled was rather unique.

I did raise my eyebrows in suspicion when Bell was reading that book. It was like he was talking to his subconscious or was talking to an evil person that took shape of him. I felt like this book had its own personality and it was trying to manipulate Bell. It was as if Bell was reading a Dark Art’s Magic book. It turns out, it was a Grimoire and once he read it, the book became useless. Whoops! Silly Bell. However, this did him good as he learnt a new move which required no chant. Firebolt. I do think he partially learned this when Lili fired her own fire beam towards that little bunny, saving Bell.

It was pretty humorous when Bell went into the dungeon and started to shoot Firebolts from his hands to the monsters. He literally just shot it one after the other to the point where he passed out. Haha. Hurray, Aiz made her appearance with Riveria, but this time she spoke. By the way Aiz and Riveria described Bell as a “kid” makes me think that they are both older than 20. It seems like most anime characters are considered “kids” if they are under the age of 20.

So, Aiz wanted to make it up to Bell, and that came in the form of the head-lap pillow. That’s quite possibly the sweetest atonement I have ever seen. It seems like Aiz healed his exhaustion too. I think I saw her blush a little. Oh my. The funniest moment came when Bell realised who she was and literally rolled forward away from her. I wonder if he did that all the way to the dungeon entrance. That would be pretty darn funny if he did. XD

Bell really wasted his opportunity there. He could have got into a conversation with his hero but instead rolled away. XD

I learned as well that those of the Soma Familiar don’t actually worship their god, but worship the wine. It still doesn’t explain why they’re money grabbers though. Is it so that they can continue to produce top quality wine? I still don’t really know why those guys are materialistic but I was correct with my previous assumption that Lili wouldn’t keep her money. It really did seem like her fellow comrades took the money from her by force. That really is a shame but hopefully we’ll get more questions answered in the next episode.

I was happy when Aiz made an appearance but I was equally as happy when Syr made a small cameo as well. Bell admitted that she was cute, which was nice, but he also admitted that her cuteness wouldn’t work as a trick. Haha. Still, I don’t think Syr would mind too much, being called cute by a guy she likes must be rewarding. 😉

Hestisa, Bell and Aiz

Thanks for Reading. =)