Sport Relief 2014


Monday Tidings!


I watched Sport Relief 2014 on Friday evening (instead of the usual Marvel: Agents of Shield) and I quite enjoyed it.


It’s very good that national events like Red Nose Day, Children in Need and Sport Relief spread awareness of various issues and problems that certain people or a group of people have to endure.


I find that I can’t sit and watch something for hours on end so I kept on nipping in and out the room whilst Sport Relief was on. I did the same thing when the London Olympics were on TV and when the Royal Wedding was on.TV.


I have quite a few favourite parts of the show, including the singing trio between Kylie, Jason and David Walliams. I was expecting Jason Donovan to reunite with Kylie but I didn’t expect David to become part of the act. So, it ended up in a love triangle – ish. I’m not sure what that was but it was still funny regardless!


I enjoyed the sketch between Gary Lineker and Gary Barlow. The Anthem for England for this year’s world cup is certainly interesting. It’s a nice song and the female vocalists sound good with the song.  Although in my opinion, I don’t feel an England Anthem vibe from that song. To me it’s just a Take That cover… probably because it is a Take That cover. XD! I’m not sure. I feel that when it comes to England Anthems they should be more of a chant then a song, and this year’s anthem is more of a song then a chant. By national chants/anthems I’m referring to anthems like Back Home, Vindaloo and Three Lions. Regardless I still think it’s a nice song and it’s nice to listen to. =)


My favourite sketch of the night though- Only Fools and Horses with David Beckham. =) I bet the good folks at the BBC deliberately didn’t announce a time for the sketch and left it until late so that we’d keep on watching. XD


When I first heard that Only Fools was coming back for a short sketch I had mixed views on this… On one hand it’s great to see Del Boy and Rodney on our screens again but on the other hand it can hinder Only Fools’ reputation if it keeps coming back with no fresh material. That’s the danger when comedy sitcoms make a comeback, it can either do a lot of good or a lot of damage.


My thoughts after the Only Fools sketch…I surprisingly enjoyed it.


Del Boy and Rodney were no different now (apart from looking a bit older) then they were 10 or perhaps 15 years ago. Del Boy did his wheeling and dealing and Rodney was coming up short. Rodney was really funny when he wore those golden boxer briefs. XD


It had a mixture of past references and new material in this sketch, I.E., what happened to Rodney when he was young. This sort of banter is one of the greatest strengths in Only Fools.^^ To top it off David Beckham was part of the mix. I liked it how he got into the banter and how he told Rodney to “Shut up you tart”. Rather funny…


And Rodney doing that cat-walk, I literally cackled on the floor. I especially chuckled when David Beckham fell over… that was obviously an ode to the part when Del Boy fell over in the episode “Yuppy Love.”


It was nice to see Del Boy and Rodney. They were funny and David Beckham looked like he belonged in the hustle and bustle of Peckham. I give this… two thumbs up!


Now I’m going to go out for a walk on this lovely spring day.