My Birthday 2017

It was my Birthday a few of days ago and I had a wonderful day.

I received nice Birthday messages, thoughtful cards and wonderful presents. The highlight of the day, I must say, is when my two year old Niece said to me “Happy Birthday Bro” because she calls me Uncle Bro. She’s very sweet and clever.

I don’t like a huge fuss or be the centre of attention I just like to spend a quiet peaceful day with my family. I woke up very early so I spent some time in my summer house editing one of my stories whilst listening to the birds singing. During the day I played Mario Kart with all my family and we then stayed up to the early hours watching One Punch Man. It’s fortunate we’re fans of the show and was worth the lack of sleep, haha.

A tad off subject but just thought to bring up something I recently learned about myself, how I used to fear failure.

This fact is important because it explains my thoughts, my obsession with being perfect and having a spotless record in every academic subject and emotional stress that extends back to my childhood. It’s only these past couple of years that I became more laid back and started to accept my weaknesses and being open to making mistakes. Yoga and Art helped me to make peace with my fear that isn’t really such a fear anymore, more of a dislike.

Back on subject- I had a wonderful day. It’s going to be an upheaval task trying to remember that I’m 29 but then again age isn’t really important, it’s more about how you feel. =)


Thanks for reading. =)


My Birthday 2016

Today has been a very peaceful and lovely day. I decided that as it was my Birthday I would give myself a day off, which meant no writing, no drawing and no live-tweeting on the Euros.


There wasn’t anything that was going to spoil my day but due to the EU Referendum dominating everyone’s minds it did make me wonder if everyone would forget it was my birthday was today. That theory was quickly squashed as I received wonderful cards, presents, messages and blessings from all my wonderful family and friends. =D


I spent this morning playing on Senran Kagura and at lunch I watched KonoSuba and Non Non Biyori Repeat back to back with the family. I finished them just in time to watch the first Euros game of the day, France vs Ireland. I pretty much watched the Euros all day, and I’m even watching the final game of the day, Hungary vs Belgium as I write.


Oh, Belgium scored, how about that. Anyway, back on topic-


I received a Hestia travel mug, Non Non Biyori Volume 4 manga, Dragons Rioting volume 3 manga, Rias Gremory coaster, Hestia coaster, Key Doorstop, that screen to stop flies invading in my Summer House and a pair of Japanese sandals and socks that I can wear in my Summer House.


Later on this evening I will keep on chilling and watch some more Non Non Biyori Repeat and some more KonoSuba and that will round off my wonderful day nicely. =)


Thanks for Reading. =)


My Birthday Weekend

Birthday Cake

My Birthday week has been pretty good.

On Friday I played some games with my brother. We completed the original Donkey Kong Country game as a tag team. I still need to get used to the original Snes controller as I died quite a lot! We’re getting closer to completing the Mario 3D World. I find that level mega hard.

On Friday I spent most of the time just chilling and writing down future creative ideas whenever they came into my head. I spent most of the evening watching Captain America: Winter Soldier with my family. To me, you can’t beat a good evening if it’s filled with a Marvel film. I got a lot of nice presents and cards too. I got Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea from my brother. I got Dungeon Girls manga, Avengers: Age of Ultron T-Shirt and Non Non Biyori art book from my parents and swell pair of jogging pants from my sister. Plus, some cash from my relatives.
The icing on the cake, pun intended, was that my sister made me a lovely birthday cake. It was Mario complete with toadstools, pipes, coin bricks, clouds, piranhas and stars.

The following morning I booked a slot to go Segway at the nearest forest (which is still pretty far from home!) It was my treat for my family. It was really good fun. I was slightly anxious as there were 14 available spaces and when I checked there were 5 left and that means that there were going to be a lot of people attending.

We arrived three minutes before our time slot so it was a bit of a rush. We all walked. Then, we power walked. Then, we lightly jogged… five minutes late and we basically ran for it. XD We parked in a different car park from last time and we were not familiar with the terrain of this car park. Haha. The events never usually start on time but being late was not ideal for anyone, especially for me. I arrived at a good time and luckily the Segway was still on

It was even better as my family were the only ones who took part in the actual session! All the strangers who have booked have either cancelled or didn’t bother to show. It was like a personal tutorial for everyone in the family. We all had fun and it was just as good as the previous time that I went.

I am very tired now so I will probably take this opportunity to spend the next few days to chill out. I haven’t had much sleep as I’ve been too busy having fun.

Thanks for Reading. =)



Applewood Farm Pub Quiz 2014

Applewood Farm

Ho, Ho, Ho.^^/

Coincidentally, it was around this time last year that I blogged about the Applewood Farm pub quiz. This time was more special than the time from last year.

A dear friend of ours came to visit from Norway. He’s really my brother’s friend but I said ‘ours’ because I consider him a friend of mine too.^^/ Since he was over here we decided that we were going to the Applewood Farm pub quiz. I was invited out on this occasion. Usually I would have to think about it for days. Instead, I said that I would go and deal with my anxiety when the time came.


I did get into a little bit of a head mush for a couple of hours before the outing. I had a lot of decorations to sort out, house chores and wrapping presents. I tried to think rationally. It then came to my attention that a completely new person was going to come and join our outing. I started to get apprehensive. I was not prepared to meet someone new. It wasn’t long ago that I had just got over the whole London trip so how was I going to fare going to the quiz with someone new?

This nearly swayed me out of the trip. I then remembered that our friend from Norway was attending. It isn’t often that he comes over and he was going back the following day. This would really be my last opportunity to see him for a while so I decided to go, despite my sudden rush of worries.


The taxi with my brother and co arrived. A strange wave of anxiety then rose up in my chest and stomach. The taxi he ordered was… let’s call them Taxi Company X. Now, this was a big problem for me. Taxi Company X gave me a hard time during my college/university days. They often made me late, they crashed into posts, they nearly crashed into other cars and they deliberately left me stranded. My parents complained about them at the time and I was switched to another transportation company to get to college/university.

I promised myself that I will never travel with them again. And I kept that promise…but my brother made me break it. Bro, if you’re reading, shame on you! (The fact that my brother knew nothing about my silent promise is neither here or there. Haha.)

In all seriousness, I understand that things could have changed since my university days. For all I know the evening service might be a lot more efficient then the contract service. Letting things go can be difficult depending on your own experience. On this occasion I needed to grit my teeth hard. Fortunately for me Taxi Company X were ok and they didn’t leave me stranded. Of course I won’t forget about the times when they made my life difficult but this was a good barrier for me to overcome. They still wouldn’t be my first choice of transportation.


In the taxi I tried to distract myself by making conversation. We talked about rubbish and I was sort of ok.^^/

The pub quiz was quite fun, our team were the Volvo Brothers, Volbros for short. 🙂 The puzzle round was mighty difficult. I’m not even sure if I can explain it… so I won’t. Haha.

I was debuting my new jumper and silky T-shirt too. It was a proud moment… until it was cut short. It came to light that I dropped bits of chocolate flakes down my jumper. “Oh no!” was my instant cry. I then pulled up my jumper to find more chocolate flakes on my pants. “Oooooh nooooo!” was my bigger cry.

You may have gathered, but I get somewhat careless when I eat. I even found one on my forehead. I have no idea how that got there! I don’t eat like Cookie Monster though. Honest!


The socialising side was much better than I anticipated. There was a chance that another lady was going to join in with the quiz on our team too. It was too short noticed for me to react or worry so I decided to just take it in my stride. I was adamant that I wanted to be on the end of the table as I sensed that I needed to dash off a couple of times.

Our team were placed 8th out of 37 with 61 points. I was most pleased. We originally counted up the score to 48 points. When we didn’t hear our names I suspected that we might have been disqualified. If you’re caught using your phone during the quiz or google the answers then you’re automatically disqualified. I know I used my phone once replying back to a friend but no more than that. I was concerned that we might have been disqualified due to a misunderstanding. Thankfully, I was wrong. =)

I bought my brother a pint of…carling, I think? I’m a tea total by nature and never touch anything alcoholic. His birthday is coming up so I figured I should treat him. It’s probably the second time that I bought him a pint, but I was on my own in this case so I was unsure if I was going to get an I.D. check. It turned out, I didn’t.

I seem to forget that I’m not as young as I used to be. In my head, I feel no different now than when I was 17. It’s weird yet fascinating how we age. I digress.


I somewhat interacted with other people. I grinned at the quiz master and he winked at me back. I smiled back at a random lady who was smiling when I was at the bar, getting hot chocolate with marshmallows and chocolate flakes. Yes, these are the exact same chocolate flakes that went down my pants and top. Haha.

I was somewhat caught up in the crowd and sort of backed off so I let everyone get through the door first. I don’t like heaps of crowd as some of you may know, so I decided to wait until the crowd died down to get out. This random chap asked me “where did you come?” I replied “eighth.” He then mumbled a couple of words, but I believe he was paying me and my team a compliment.

A young cute lady then said to me that they came in second. I beamed up and offered my congratulations when Mr Drunk interrupted and said that she was lying out of her…backside. Now that I think about it, she probably said thirty second and he misunderstood her. Then, when we were outside he offered up a fist gesture so someone would bump with him. So, I stretched out my arm and gave him a fist bump. Haha. Then he walked away…

I think that was probably the first ever time I gave someone a fist-bump. Haha.


It was certainly an eventful evening from my point of view, but in a way, it’s a good change of pace and most certainly a valuable experience, especially when handling people who have had a little bit too much to drink.

Jingle Bells until next time.



My Birthday


Happy Birthday to me!



Yesterday I turned 26 on the 26th day of June. That was a funny coincidence. Or was it? 😉


My kind of day is a peaceful one. No noise, no fuss, just quiet time with a few familiar faces. Fortunately, my birthday was a quiet tranquil day. I spent the majority of the morning drawing. I told myself that I was going to have that day to rest, but really, drawing and writing bring up a lot of positivity in me. I find it very rewarding when I get a clear picture in my head of a scene or character. =)


I spent the afternoon watching DVDs of the anime, Cat Planet Cuties! I’ve seen up to 6 episodes and I’m very much enjoying it. It’s very cute and I really enjoy the art.^^/ I’m definitely going to watch more episodes. All of them in Japanese audio.^^


I received many birthday wishes, text wishes, many cards and a few presents. All the presents are wonderful. =)


I got the Non Non Biyori soundtrack, and I’m definitely happy about that. If you have read my blog a few times you would know how much I love Non Non Biyori, especially the music. So, I greatly appreciate this. I greatly appreciate High School DxD blu-ray. It is one of my favourite anime, possibly in my top 5. I then got the Atelier Escha and Logy game. I’m enjoying the anime and I can see myself enjoying the game, and low and behold I received this game as a gift. I received another gift- a Donkey Kong T-shirt. Haha. =D


I got a birthday cake from my parents in the form of the Avengers. And if there’s something that I learned this year it’s that I’m terrible at cutting. I made a total mess of the cutting so I had to relieve myself of those duties and pass the responsibility on to Mum. XD I had that cake and it was delicious, everyone had the Captain America part but I chose to have the parts of Iron Man. Haha.


Then I just spent the rest of the evening playing Mario Kart 8. It was fun but my brother, as kind as he is, switched my bike with a rubbish one without me knowing…rascal. XD


In short, it has been a very nice day.


Oh- speaking of High School DxD, I found out this morning that a third season of High School DxD has been announced. So yes, yesterday was a good day. For once, the sun and rain have treated me kindly. =)





Good Tidings! ^^/


I mentioned previously that my Brother’s birthday was coming up. Well, it was a couple of days ago now and he’s now 27 years old. As well as arranging a Segway event I also bought him a present. I bought him an Anime figure; it’s Mio from the Anime K-On. If you get the chance you should give K-On a watch, it’s very funny, light-hearted and full of great songs. =)


Before I get off the beaten track I’m going to talk about the Pub Quiz. My brother wanted to go to the Pub Quiz to celebrate being a year older. We went to Applewood Farm.


I first started pub-quizzing at the Talbot. I didn’t really like it much, at least not at first. I’m not sure if the rowdy atmosphere made me uncomfortable or it just wasn’t my cup of tea. Nowadays we go pub-quizzing at Applewood Farm. Sometimes I come in as a substitute for a quizzer in my sister’s team, Densa. Or at times I will be part of my Brother’s team whenever we dine and quiz there.


Applewood Farm is about three times bigger than the Talbot so it’s more spacious but it’s more crowded due to popularity. Admittedly I don’t like this. I’m ok if I’m sitting in corners like I did on my Brother’s birthday night. However if I sit out in the open I’m a bit more conscious that I’m surrounded by other people. It makes me feel queasy.


Usually- a bad habit of mine- I tend to people watch, no matter who they are. I always turn around whenever someone is walking behind me. It’s instinct. I’m very sensitive to being touched so if I know there is someone behind me I instinctively turn around to see who it is. I don’t do this because I want to but I’m conscious and anxious of the fact that someone is close to me. I turn around to make sure that they don’t touch me or try any funny moves…I know they wouldn’t but my Autistic senses like to play funny games with my mind. =D


Speaking of people watching there was this cute blonde girl who served us food the other day. She had fair skin and beautiful blue eyes but what I noticed the most about her was perhaps the cutest and littlest nose I’ve ever seen! It makes me want to prod it and tickle it with a feather so I could watch her sneeze. =’D


Ahem, back to the topic-


I’m confident enough to participate in the questions, on that night I got a lot right. I identified Dusty Springfield; I answered a lot of Christmas films puzzles correctly and movie soundtracks correctly. So, it was a good night for me. I never intend to go up and play cards for money, I don’t like standing out. This is quite quirky considering that I did performing arts at Uni, but even then I never liked standing out. Apparently a Yoga expert is called a Yogi. Everyone looked at me and shook their heads with disappointment since I actually go to Yoga every Wednesday. Well, I can say with supreme confidence that I didn’t know that at all. XD


Back when I first started pub-quizzing I did get frustrated at times. If we [the team] didn’t know an answer I would make a very wild guess that’s funny and nonsense- basically the first thing that pops into my head. So, when the team didn’t know the answer and I did and spoke out, I was never taken seriously. Mostly because some of the answers I came up with were bizarre, so that was understandable.


What attributed to no one listening to my answers is the fact that I am softly spoken. I always thought that when I spoke and no one responded, I either bored them and they switched off or they were just not paying attention. So, I got frustrated. I thought that I wasn’t interesting to talk to and I bored people easily. It doesn’t happen just at the pub quiz it happens at every social event that I go to…but then it came to my attention that my voice is just too soft-spoken. That means of course that no one can hear me. Even if you sit or stand right next to me and I’m talking to you, you won’t necessarily hear me. So in some ways this is reassuring.^^


Now, even though I’m still softly-spoken (as it’s who I am) I do get stuck-in with the questions and discuss the answers without given out any “wild-guesses” so to speak. 😉


Before I sign off here is a picture of a hot chocolate that I drank last night…it was glorious.



Toodles~ ^^/




Hello ^^/


In this blog I’m going to talk about a fun recent activity- Segway.


With my Brother’s birthday just around the corner I decided to arrange a Birthday treat. So, I booked this Segway event with the GoApe Corporation, based in Delamere Forest.


This was practically the first time that I had arranged or booked an event without much assistance. I actually thought I would have been a lot more nervous or anxious. Usually the anticipation dwells on me negatively whenever I’m going out or invited out. To my surprise I didn’t give the anticipation much thought.


It’s quite unusual for me I must say but my answer was quite simple- it’s because I organised everything. Because I organised everything I felt strangely relaxed, it was as if I knew what was going to happen. More importantly I felt in control and got fixated in my head what was going to happen. If I’m following someone’s lead or get invited out- it is like I’m heading into the unknown, like I can’t predict what will happen. However if I’m arranging or organising an outing, I don’t feel like that in the slightest. Well I say all this but really this was going to be my first visit at Delamere Forest, but I’m talking more about the situation rather than the destination.


I daresay that my Brother felt more nervous than I did, because in his eyes he was probably heading out into the unknown. I only told him the Postcode since he was the one driving- Hoho. 😉 It took us about an hour or so to arrive at the forest.


Delamere Forest is quite beautiful. It’s full of trees- a lovely mixture of green and brown. As well as being nice to look at, the fresh air was very pleasant to inhale…probably due to the mass of trees!  That must mean that the Amazon must be a pleasant place to go to- minus the poisonous snakes and man-eating crocs!


Anyway- back to the subject in  hand!


The Segway experience was exciting and I would most certainly do it again in a heartbeat. Perhaps I will go in my Birthday week? Most situations I would have to think over, but if you were to ask me if I wanted to do Segway, my answer would be yes. Sure I might get anxious initially as it would be sudden (from my perspective) but ultimately I would definitely agree to it in the end. I may even get anxious through the anticipation but that will all disappear once I arrive.


There were about ten to fifteen other people there.  I volunteered myself to go on one as a first participant. I simply loved it and became quickly acquainted with it. I was quite proud of myself as I anticipated that it would take me longer to grasp. 🙂


Oh, we also got a certificate at the end for our participation- good for me. 😀 The only downside to that day was my flu…I won’t delve into that though because getting ill is not an interesting topic. 😀


My brother had a good time as well, which was the whole point since it was for his birthday treat.


Whatever will I do next?


Good Day~ ^^/