WWE Raw Experience

Good day! I’m going to use this opportunity to talk about the time when I went to the WWE live event held in Manchester.  It was WWE Raw and I believe it was episode 1068.


I went with my Brother, my Brother’s partner and our good friend Cheese. If you ever see the word ‘Cheese’ in my future blogs I’m talking about the friend not the dairy product. 😉


The tickets were booked six months in advance so I had plenty of time to prepare mentally for this occasion. Because it was such a long time I kept forgetting about the occasion so I needed a few reminders each month. When the time actually came I was more anxious then excited…


We travelled by train. I’m not one for big crowds and the train we travelled on was crowded. Some people were no doubt going home from work and some were coming to watch the WWE live event, just like us four. I really didn’t like it but I always prefer trains to buses. It’s probably because my love for trains is unmatched, but also Trains have more than one carriage so it doesn’t feel so squashy.


Then we got out of the train and straight into the M.E.N. Arena…it was absolutely packed. I’m not exaggerating; we couldn’t walk without tripping over someone. We literally had to fight through the crowd but we also had to stick close together. Even though the space in the building was much bigger I felt more squashed because of the large and rampant crowd.


What made matters worse for me was the level of noise that omitted from the large crowd. One of the things I can’t stand apart from large crowds is noise. I’ve never been able to justify the reason. I’m sensitive to noise. If someone shouts at me or there’s a loud noise near me I get a very unpleasant feeling in my head. It’s not physical pain but it makes me want to run away as far as I can. So, you can probably tell from reading this that it was initially a nightmare experience for me. I tried not to let my annoyance show as everyone was in high-spirits and I’ve never been one to cause a bad atmosphere, even if I was upset.^^


We went into the Arena… it was quite an experience. Strangely the arena wasn’t as big as I anticipated. Perhaps it’s because the rows were divided into huge sections. Perhaps it’s because everyone was sitting down. It was similar, if I were to make a comparison, to watching a live Football match. I went last year to a Football match between Charlton Athletic [my team] and Bolton Wanderers. Because we were all sitting down, in a kind of circle and focusing our eyes on the centre it didn’t feel as big. The arena wasn’t as spacious as the Reebok Stadium but it did have that same vibe…at least for me.


It was a mixture of anxiousness and excitement. When the matches got under way I tried to forget about my anxiety and focus on the excitement and capturing the matches on film and photo…as well as joining in with the chants. I chanted especially for William Regal and Daniel Bryan, two of my favourite wrestlers in the WWE.


Watching WWE live is a heck of a lot different than watching it on TV- so I tried to focus on what was happening in the ring…rather then watch the Titantron. Haha. 😀 They filmed WWE.Com exclusive, WWE Superstars and WWE Raw events all in one night. I think I knew this but now that I know how it works it’s quite wonderful to experience something live.


The photo below is the panoramic view of the M.E.N. Arena. This is what WWE Raw events look like before it is aired live.



Overall I thought the event itself was ok, but the brawl between the Shield and the Wyatt family was exciting to watch. WWE fans have been wanting it for so long so it pleases me greatly that they first came to blows in Manchester, England. ^^


My personal highlights of the event:

  • Antonio Cesaro holding up John Cena for a Delayed Verticle Suplex for at least 30 seconds. Perhaps this was a tribute to the British Bulldog? Since the Delayed Vertical Suplex was his signature move. Strangely though it was never shown on air on Raw that night. Shame really, because it was amazing to watch.
  • The “fight” broke out between fans dressed as Goldust and Kane. This happened during the Ryback and R-Truth match. After they started a “fight” security came and chased them away, well, chased the Goldust fan away anyway. It was hilarious to watch. I believe you can fight clips of their “fight” on YouTube. 🙂
  • Mr Bean chants.
  • Daniel Bryan and CM Punk fighting as a Tag Team.


Going home was very painless since we went in my Brother’s car. My brother fortunately was already in Manchester so whilst I came by train I went home via car. A very fortunate arrangement indeed.


The experience was sublime but if I were to go again I would think twice about taking a sign as holding a sign all night made me uncomfortable. I probably won’t ever get over the uncomfortable and painful feeling from my head and stomach in these situations- but I can deal with it if I have to. =)


Hope you enjoy reading my experience,

Speak soon. ^^/


Ask Me Anything

Good day.


I just thought to mention that I’m not opposed to having a friendly chat or answering any questions. So if you want to ask me about my life with Autism or ask me something different entirely, go right ahead. You can either leave a reply in one of my posts and/or send me a message via the username. I look forward to hearing from you. =)


Before I take my leave, I depart with a wise quote:

 ‘If I’m not back in five minutes…wait longer!’


Speak soon~ ^^/



Good day! Since this is only an introduction I’ll keep this post to a minimum as best as I can.


My name is Ryan and I have Autism.


Living and coping with Autism is not easy. Throughout the years and even now there are many challenges that come my way. Fortunately a lot more people are aware of the condition but there are still a large number of people who remain ignorant. So, I decided to create a blog for the purpose of annotating my thoughts and feelings and how I cope with challengers big and small. My goal is for the reader to gain insight and understanding of an Autistic person’s mind by reading my blogs. That is if you should choose to read them. =)


I like Anime, Manga, Football, Trains, Thomas the Tank Engine, Comedy, Drawing, Iron Man and My Bedroom


My hobbies include; Drawing, watching Anime, reading Manga, Trainspotting, spending time with my family and friends, watching Football, Yoga, Badminton, Capoeira, learning Japanese, playing with my train models, roleplaying, playing console games and research


Favourite Quotes:

Diamond Dallas Page: “The moment you start comparing yourself with someone else, you lose confidence in yourself”.

Homer Simpson: “Dear baby, welcome to Dumpville. Population, you.”

Thomas: “Bother!”


My main goal and passion in life is writing. I first started to write when I was eight years old and never lost my passion. I say write but back then my writing style was one big dribble…


If you’re interested in Autism or want to get to know me more, please be sure to read my blogs. I look forward to reading your replies.


Cheero~ ^^/