Wii U Cinema Adventure


This morning was a very unique experience. To celebrate my Brother’s 30th birthday he has hired a Cinema venue for a couple of hours to play Wii U games on one of the gigantic screens. =D Apparently this was the first ever time that someone has hired a Cinema screening to play Wii U games on.

The anticipation did get to me and that resulted in me losing some sleep last night wondering what was going to happen and over-analysing. Because I was nervous I started to think irrationally but eventually I managed to tell myself “pull yourself together.” Nothing has happened yet so it’s pointless to imagine scenes and picture the worst case scenario. Just go in there with a positive mind, and that’s what happened.

I went there with a small group of friends and family and we started to play the Wii U. I noticed the huge difference playing games on a small TV than playing games on a huge screen. Cinema screenings are usually filled with people but on this occasion there were only the 7 of us so I’m willing to go as far as say that this was the best filming experience ever… except, we were playing games rather than watching a film. Haha.

I tried to be a little more chatty this time around but sometimes I stayed quiet, unsure what to say so I just played the games. We played Nintendo Land and Mario Kart. I was very rusty. I wasn’t so good to begin with but I was even worse today. Not that I mind though, it was good fun and a brilliant experience.

I keep mentioning about my epiphany from months ago but it’s proving to be diffidence in my current positive way of thinking. Plus, I didn’t get trapped in the toilet this time so that’s a big bonus!

We played for two hours and it was a very good change of pace, but even so I did somewhat reached my limit because I started to get some blankess in my head. The blankness in my head usually indicates where I’ve been out for too long but it had nothing to do with the event itself. My enjoyment for the event was slightly greater so I tried to ignore the headache and just try to make the most of it.

After having fun whilst being somewhat out of my comfort zone I can relax with a nice hot chocolate. =)

Speaking of comfort zones, something completely off topic, I babysat my young niece the other day which was a bit spur of the moment. Usually I do struggle with “last minute” situations as I like routine but luckily this time around I managed to gather my thoughts and babysat her with Mum until my Brother came home.^^/

Positive thinking really does help a bundle and it’s a bonus when you go out for the sake of having fun. =)


Thanks for Reading. =)


2 thoughts on “Wii U Cinema Adventure”

  1. Renting a movie theatre to play Wii U sounds like a killer birthday party! I’m jealous haha I’d love to go to something like that! I’m glad you had fun 🙂

    You got trapped in a toilet last time? Haha do elaborate that sounds like a funny story!

    1. It really was a lot of fun. By what I heard I think we started a trend at Cinema/Movie Theatres. I think it could be something that you will enjoy if you fancy giving it a go. I think it works for the PlayStation 4 too. =)

      Haha, it was the time when I went to watch Spectre, the James Bond film, and I decided to go into the bathroom, with only one cubicle available. Someone else tried to get in the cubicle that I was in and inadvertently trapped me inside. XD I was shouting at the top of my voice like a man possessed and at one point attempted to climb over the door but couldn’t squeeze over the top because the gap was too narrow.

      Eventually I persisted on with the rusty keylock and managed to get out and saw the film just in time. It’s one of those things that you can’t make up. Haha. =D

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