Negativity to Positivity: Letting Go

Ever since I made my important life decision one month ago I feel a positive change in me, or more accurately, I got rid of a heavy dumbbell that’s been weighing me down all this time.

I haven’t changed who I am I just got rid of that unwelcome weight of issues that stems from my past. Because thinking about my past was a habit I became accustomed to what I thought was the norm. I recalled sad memories, grinning and bearing them because I felt that I had to and not once did I take one step back and told myself to let it go… until now.

Now I feel like I can shine brighter and show everyone who I really am, the positive side of myself without getting too anxious. I feel like I have more time for many things and nowadays I don’t cram things in. If I was going out in the evening or tomorrow I would try and squeeze in my drawings and watch anime with the thought that I had to “make the most of it.” Now I feel like doing everything more than ever and if I don’t get the time to finish tasks in one day I see those future projects as something to look forward to.

My new frame of mind has also helped me with my literacy. In the past two months I read 20 to 30 manga and since I started editing my stories I noticed an instance improvement with my grammar and storytelling and how I convey them. No doubt there is room for improvement as I’m always learning something new but I am very excited about my development as an author. =)

Despite my epiphany I’m still not fond of socialising. Even on my best day and after cleansing my negativity I still struggle and get overwhelming headaches when I’m out socialising.


Thanks for Reading. =)


2 thoughts on “Negativity to Positivity: Letting Go”

  1. That’s wonderful that you made the leap to be more positive focused. 🙂 It makes a big difference for sure! I struggle with anxiety myself and socializing is something I’m terrified of – mainly because of bad past experiences. But I think it’s one of those things where the more you do it and expose yourself to it, the easier it gets. But I know that’s easier said than done. 😉

    Just keep doing your best!

  2. Thank you for your comment Emilie, I really appreciate it. =)

    Things will never be 100% easy but I always definitely do my best in every way. =D

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