Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia – Episode One Thoughts and Reaction


At first I did not know what Kizuna was doing to Hayuru but it was done in a very suggestive way. Whilst it was eye-catching I felt that it was helpful as it explained to me what Kizuna and Hayuru were doing. It could have been done later but by showing that sort of scene straight away it gave me the idea of what I should expect from this anime.

In regards to the innuendoes and suggestive content I feel as though it’s on the same wave-length as High School DxD, one of my all-time favourite anime. If it has the same vibe as High School DxD then I think I will really enjoy this. =)

I really liked the opening episode and I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. Kizuna seems like a good character but appears to be fighting/over-coming past family traumas. It’s lucky for the three main girls that he has the Eros ability which boosts their powers and restores their energy. If he wasn’t there, Aine may have been in big trouble.

I have a theory that Hayuru is a closet pervert given by her comical reactions, haha. Everything in this episode made me chuckle, which included the cheeky content as well as Aine’s funny quips to Kizuna.

I don’t really understand the plot or storyline at this moment in time but I think I’m going to enjoy this new anime along with Food Wars: The Second Plate and New Game!

I now have my hat-trick. It’s going to be a very good anime season for me. =)


Thanks for Reading. =)


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