NEW GAME! – Episode One Thoughts and Reaction

New Game!

I didn’t know anything about NEW GAME! and I still don’t know it that well but I know that I really, really, really enjoyed the opening episode. =)

Everything about it is cute and simple. You have the main character, Aoba, who joins a company after graduating from school and is now working in the industry that she loves. She has a wonderful shy yet confident personality that matches her cute appearance.

All the other characters are very likable too and although it’s early days I can’t see anything that I would dislike about NEW GAME! It’s the easy-going type of story that I’ve been looking for since Non Non Biyori. By what I saw from the first episode, I think I will really enjoy this.

I don’t usually judge an anime by its art as everyone has a style but I have to say that I think the art in this show is beautiful. I also found myself relaxed when I watch the art and the smooth animation of the characters, to the point where I’m nearly hypnotised. Haha.

The difference between NEW GAME! and Non Non Biyori at this moment is that NEW GAME! has a focused story. Aoba and her friends/colleagues must make the game before the deadline, and that game is the third instalment of a game that Aoba loved when she was younger. I’m happy for her, in more ways than one. =)

I think this is going to be a very good season for me as I now have NEW GAME! and Food Wars! The Second Plate to look forward to on a weekly basis. It will be a hat-trick if I enjoy Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia as much as the other two. =)


Thanks for Reading. =)


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