Becoming an Uncle

This week, well, the past few days, have been most exciting as I became an Uncle for the very first time.


Lucy Mei was born on 27th September at the very same day when the full moon was out. I also came to learn that the blood red moon was scheduled for the early hours of the following morning. I felt that this was a good omen for her. She was born at the time 19:27, on the 27th day of September and she has 7 letters in her name. Safe to say that I believe that the number 7 is her lucky number. =D


I met her in person the this evening and I must say that she is a beauty. I held her for a good few minutes and she kept on yawning and drooling. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but I didn’t think she would be relaxed and just chilling in my arms. Holding a baby is fun, especially seeing as she is now my niece.


One of the best things about being an Uncle now is that not only do I get to watch her grow up but it means that I have someone to watch Thomas the Tank Engine with. =D


From now on, whenever I look at the full moon or the number 7 I will be reminded of the day when Lucy was born.^^/

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