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Hi there I’m Ryan, thanks for visiting my website.

I consider myself a laid-back sort of person who has motivation and determination to accomplish small and big goals in life.

I also consider myself a family person as I always make sure that I find the time for my family and friends.

I’m currently trying to make inroads into writing. I’ve always been enthusiastic about writing children’s stories and now I have turned that enthusiasm into passion as I now look to publish a children’s book of my own.

In my free time I like to attend local weekly yoga sessions to relax and socialise; I often find myself doing some yoga at home too!
Other hobbies of mine include watching anime, reading manga, drawing and photography. I like to blog too as I feel it’s a good way to express my thoughts and feelings about what's going on in my life. I mostly talk about my autism, anime, manga and whatever is on my mind during that time.

I felt that I had more to offer than just my writing so I decided to create this website to better share with you my blogs, photography and my art.

If you ever want to ask/chat, just ask through one my blogs or click contact me at the top.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your visit. =)